Bellingen Bounty – Country Homes Magazine

This is a country getaway in NSW like no other. It’s a cut above all the rest and when you enjoy a country retreat at this farmstay, you will understand why. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Susan Weil believes in the power of simplicity and these days she makes a living by sharing her 4 country getaways including her own home and its subtropical largesse with visitors from all around the world.

There’s a daybed at Susan Weil’s farmhouse that has travelled with her most of her adult life. She spotted the remodelled Indian bullock cart in a shop in Bellingen on the NSW mid north coast as a 21 year old on a road trip with friends. Then she paid what at the time was an extravagant amount to buy it and ship it back to her home in Sydney. Whenever she’s moved, the daybed has been the piece of furniture that’s been first on the truck. Now more than 25 years later, it’s come home to roost on the verandah of her farmhouse in the Bellingen hinterland. She has turned it into her double bed and sleeps outside on it year round…More in Country Homes Magazine

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