Episode 75

75 – Susan Weil on the importance of staying true to your values as a host

Posted February 23, 2023

Susan Weil is a true pioneer of the hosting space, having managed multiple accommodation offerings in and around her home town of Bellingen, NSW for 22 years.

A qualified marriage counsellor, Susan moved to the area with her daughter following the dissolution of her own marriage many years ago, and shortly following stumbled on the 8 acre property that would ultimately evolve into what is now known as Weilhouse Living.

Weilhouse Living comprises four unique dwellings that embody Suz and her family’s love of nature, beauty and timeless simplicity, three of which are set on a biodynamic working farm and the fourth only an hour’s drive away in a similar environment.

From the sprawling, beautifully rustic Bellingen Farmhouse to the cosy ambience of the Hernani Wilderness Hut, this is a host who has aimed to craft an accommodation offering for everyone.

Suz is an avid, unapologetic believer in repurposing, sustainability and the slow stays movement – a philosophy and values system that has directly informed her extensive use of vintage materials and furnishings throughout each dwelling.

I’ve been wanting to get Suz on the podcast for a chat for some time now and it was a real pleasure to finally do so last week. I’m sure you’ll enjoy our catch up.