Full moon Bello winter fest weekend

Dear Susan,
What a superb quality time we had at your amazing old farmhouse on the hill.
I stayed with my parents – just us 3- and we loved hanging out with your animal friends.
My mum particularly enjoyed the horses, both dogs, sheep and ofcourse the chickens.
The house is magnificent- with its old world stateliness which asks to be lived in and which one must do to appreciated all the detail- the lovely joinery, art works and industrial antiques.
In the cooks’ kitchen I did butterflied chicken with leek and potatoes and stuffed baked eggplant plus boiled noodles-which I forgot to serve-plus lovely freshly picked salad.
All tasted great – of course!
Great weekend without even mentioning the fest which was brilliant.
Thank you for your generosity and hospitality.
The sharing economy at its best
Sorry to gush..
Ant x
Lots of love, Ant

Anthony Solomon