Bellingen Farmhouse // Country Homes

Susan Weil believes in the power of simplicity and these days she makes a living by sharing homes and its subtropical largesse with visitors from all around the world.

There’s a daybed at Susan Weil’s farmhouse that has travelled with her most of her adult life. She spotted the remodelled Indian bullock cart in a shop in Bellingen on the NSW mid north coast as a 21 year old on a road trip with friends. Then she paid what at the time was an extravagant amount to buy it and ship it back to her home in Sydney. Whenever she’s moved, the daybed has been the piece of furniture that’s been first on the truck. Now more than 25 years later, it’s come home to roost on the verandah of her farmhouse in the Bellingen hinterland. She has turned it into her double bed and sleeps outside on it year round.

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Weilhouse Living // Recycled Interiors

Susan now has two houses – one they live in, which has featured on the cover of Rural Australian Homes, and they have a vintage farm stay house featured here. Both are in Bellingen.  To top it off, they also have a great little off the grid hut, Hernani Wilderness Hut, furnished with recycled and pre loved interiors. All of their houses are passive solar design with emphasis on minimising their carbon footprint, using solar, rain tanks and recycled materials…


Bellingen Farmhouse // Rural Australian Homes

A little over a year after the family moved into their house, it’s impossible to imagine it once stood on an empty slope. Now, with biodynamic principles in place, the land sustains them in every way. Down in the corner, a reed bed system treats wastewater from the house. An orchard is planted with various types of limes, mandarins and oranges. An enormous vegetable garden feeds them year round. Chickens provide more eggs than they can possibly use themselves…

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Hernani Wilderness Hut // Spaces by Frankie Magazine

Originally the shed had a plain-looking verandah off to one side, with metal poles to hold it up. Susan had the area enclosed, using recycled windows and door, and it’s now the dining room and another sleeping area. A wood-burning stove, which heats water as well as the hut, sits along side the bed in this area and, when turned down low, can keep going all night…

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